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Safe-deposit boxes

At VCB Bank, you can also rent safe-deposit boxes in various formats so that you can safely keep all your important documents. So you need not run any risk of losing important documents due to a fire or exposure to burglars. Depending on the size of the safe-deposit box format of your choice, a specific amount is charged to you annually.

The tariffs of the safe-deposit boxes are:

  • Model 1 (24.5cm x 43cm x 3.3cm) Srd 165,= p/a
  • Model 2 (24.5cm x 43cm x 5.5cm) Srd 215,= p/a
  • Model 3 (24.5cm x 43cm x 10cm) Srd 300,= p/a
  • Model 4 (24.5cm x 43cm x 27.5cm) Srd 800,= p/a
  • Model 5 (24.5cm x 43cm x 15cm)    Srd 530,= p/a

The security (deposit sum) amounts to €350.

For more information and rent of safe-deposit boxes, please contact our department  Domestic/Foreign at the head office or at one of our branches.

Head Office

Waterkant 104
PO Box 1804 Paramaribo
Phone +597 472616
Telefax +597 473257
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.