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Auctions dates Pawn Shops


Loan month

Serial Number Auction date
Head Office June 2016 N 33499- N 39508 Wednesday 7 and 14 june 2017
Latour May 2016 H 14531 - H 17870 Wednesday 24 may 2017
Saramacca May en June 2016 G 00298 - G 00471 Wednesday 28 may 2017
Lelydorp May en June 2016 P 05756 - P 08385 Wednesday 28 may 2017
Nickerie May and june 2016 O 03519 - O 05325 Tuesday 20 june 2017


The VCB Bank is the sole financial institution with pawn shops where gold jewelry can be offered to get a loan. Each branch has its own pawn shop.

To be considered for a pawn loan, you need not answer all kinds of questions and fill in a lot of forms. The only requirements are your valid proof of identity and your personal gold jewelry. Depending on the appraisal value of your jewelry, we will mutually agree upon a loan amount. So you can have cash available in no time, and you do not lose your precious jewelry since you are able to repay them within a specified term.

On auctioning day, the cashier desks of the Pawn Shop at the head office and branches at Saramacca, Lelydorp and Latour, close at 10.30 hrs. The start hours of the auctions are established at 12.30 hrs. In Nickerie, the cashier desk of the Pawn Office closes at 10.00 hrs.
The auction at the Nickerie branch starts at 11.00 hrs.

The auction from Saramacca branch will take place at Lelydorp branch.

It is therefore important for you to pay off your pawned jewelry in time.

The jewelry to be auctioned is placed for inspection as of 2 days prior to the auction date.

For more information, please exclusively contact the department Pawn Shop

  • at the VCB head office at Waterkant 104
  • VCB branch Nickerie at G.G. Maynardstraat 53
  • VCB branch Latour at Rust en Werkweg 2
  • VCB branch Lelydorp at the corner of Tawajari-/Indira Gandhiweg
  • VCB branch Saramacca at Sidodadieweg BR 1




Head Office

Waterkant 104
PO Box 1804 Paramaribo
Phone +597 472616
Telefax +597 473257
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.