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Sponsoring forms an integral part of the marketing and promotion activities of our bank. As a bank, we are especially interested in innovative ideas/activities aimed at large sections of society, with special emphasis on the deprived sections of the population.

Our preference goes out to activities in the following, but not exclusive, areas:

  • Recreation (sports and  games)
  • Amateur sports
  • General development & Education
  • Arts & Culture

Requests for sponsoring in other areas are evaluated and assessed to our bank’s company philosophy.

These guidelines apply to all requests for donations submitted at the Surinaamse Volkscredietbank.
Our donation strategy is focused on making a difference, collectively with other charity organizations, within communities, in particular in those areas in which our bank is already active or in which our bank has intentions to offer services.
Our goal is to ensure that our charitable partners have access to sustainable funds and that these donor funds are used in a responsible manner. For this reason, the utmost care and accountability is applied at the assessment thereof.

The selection process contains a comprehensive assessment of the objectives of your organization as well as your financial information and governance practice.

Our preference is aimed at:

  • Charitable organizations registered in our country.
  • Projects or programs implemented in the vicinity where VCB is physically located or has the intention to offer its services.
  • Social programs of which the results are measurable.

Requests for donations in other areas are evaluated and assessed to our banks’ company philosophy.

VCB does not donate and sponsor with regard to the following:

  • activities and programs of private foundations
  • activities and programs with a primary/primarily commercial objective
  • activities and programs that explicitly exclude other groups
  • activities and programs that disrupt the unity of the various ethnic groups in whatever form
  • festivals/outings of a non-educational nature.

At the assessment of donations and sponsoring, the following is considered, amongst others:

  • the organization should be able to prove that they have the capacity and (other) necessary funds to realize the intended goal.
  • programs and projects should be coherent to the donation/sponsoring strategy of VCB.
  • the unique nature of the program/project.
  • results of previously already implemented programs/projects, if any.
  • the financial management of the organization.

The amount of sponsoring or donation
Taking the bank’s budget into consideration, reserved for this goal, efforts will be made to accommodate the considered organizations, as much as possible. Unfortunately, it is impossible to meet all requests. Naturally, approval occurs in so far as all criteria have been met. The bank will endeavor to allocate not more than 5% of its estimated budget to an activity of 1 organization.

To apply for sponsoring or donation, it is important to know that the criteria as mentioned previously are fulfilled. It is in any case important that your request contains the following information:

  • a short outline of your organization including its history, objectives and achievements so far.
  • a short overview of the project for which sponsoring or a donation is requested (max. 2 A4 sheets).
  • a project budget with the prospected expenses and income, if any.

All sponsoring/donation letters must be submitted to the Managing Director/Board of Directors of the  Surinaamse Volkscredietbank. Applications that fail to meet this requirement will not be considered.

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