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Auctions dates Pawn Shops


Loan month

Serial Number Auction date
Head Office Dec 2014 L 70556 - L 76557 Wednesday 9 dec 2015
Latour Dec 2014 F 36254 - F 39243 Wednesday 12 dec 2015
Saramacca Nov and Dec 2014 E 00710 - E 00853 Wednesday 23 dec 2015
Lelydorp Nov and Dec 2014 N 13284 - N 15882 Wednesday 23 dec 2015
Nickerie Nov and Dec 2014 M 08522 - M 10241 Friday 11 dec 2015


Ria Money Transfers


To transfer money from abroad to Suriname quickly, securely and at competitive rates,
VCB bank partnered with RIA financial services.

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Internet Banking

Internet Banking
Do you wish to make a quick purchase or check your account balance? With My VCB you can conveniently do your online banking wherever you are: it is simple, safe and efficient.

Price/Market Quotation

Currency Purchase Sale
USD SRD 4.100 SRD 4.200
Euro SRD 4.330 SRD 4.480

Date : 26/11/2015

*All above rates are valid during working days (Monday - Friday) until 14.00h

Head Office

Waterkant 104
PO Box 1804 Paramaribo
Phone +597 472616
Telefax +597 473257
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.